Train Station Vienna Hbf

Wien Hauptbahnhof / station Vienna Hbf

Rating: 4.4
Аddress: Am Hauptbahnhof 1, Favoriten 1100 Wien, Austria
GPS: 48.1851873 16.3765973



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Аbout Train Station Vienna Hbf.

Vladimir Balaz

Оценка: 5

Vast, modern, clean and efficient – the new Vienna Terminal reminds more of an airport than train station. Trains to airport run every few minutes. Trains to capitols of Hungary (Budapest) and Slovakia (Bratislava) run every hour. U-bahn (metro), city trains and trams connect this terminal to all parts of Vienna. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes. I also liked the design – combination of slant grey and blue.

Zuzanka Soukupová

Оценка: 5

A frequent point for traveling around Europe. Quality service, many shops, well-arranged boards with arrivals and departures of individual trains. Vienna's sights are quite far when you walk from the station. One of the most modern train stations in Europe.

Zalán Gáspár

Оценка: 5

Very good train station. The modern design is very attractive as well. The connection paths are well designed and easy to follow. Access is available from basically all directions. The multitude of stores makes waiting more enjoyable.

Benedict Uy

Оценка: 5

Quite a nice station with plenty of shops for food and other items. It was easy to find the train line based on the information board.

Waseem Abbas

Оценка: 5

Very nice and well maintained central train station of Vienna connecting the Europe with all the standards for available facilities of world. Love to visit this place.

Where is the Train Station Vienna Hbf located?

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