Bus Station Wien VIB Erdberg

Vienna International Busterminal (VIB) / station Wien VIB Erdberg

Rating: 3.1
Аddress: Erdbergstraße 200A, Landstraße 1030 Wien, Austria
GPS: 48.1907546 16.4142212



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Аbout Bus Station Wien Vib Erdberg.

Martin Stefanides

Оценка: 1

Outiside it's dirty, the place falling apart, the smell of urine fills your nostrills, homeless people and beggers all around the waiting outside area, leading all in all to an uncomfortable stay while waiting for a bus to arrive. The main building is clean though. In conclusion a quite uncomfortable place having to wait for several hours for the bus to arrive, and probably even more uncomfortable during the night.

M Mal

Оценка: 4

Warm waiting room. The streets and the outside aren't really clean. Right next to the subway station "Erdberg" which is a great connection to the most important sights and you can get to the city centre easily. They offer a screen showing arrival and departure times.

Antoni Zuber

Оценка: 4

The waiting room is small but at the time i was there, there was enough space for everybody. It's not like most of the opinions claim it to be. It's pretty good and most importantly does its job

César Viapiana

Оценка: 3

The place doesn't seems like a bus station. Could be much better.


Оценка: 1

Worst customer experience I ever had. The customer service agent was absolutely rude. He did not explain properly the information about my tickets. Also, I was not given the opportunity to select my seats. Please, avoid this agency.

Where is the Bus Station Wien VIB Erdberg located?

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