Train Station Bruxelles Nord

Station Brussel-Noord / station Bruxelles Nord

Rating: 3
Аddress: Rue du Progrès 76, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium
GPS: 50.8604909 4.3601061



Train Station  Bruxelles Nord Train Station  Bruxelles Nord


Аbout Train Station Bruxelles Nord.

Mohd Rizk

Оценка: 5

It is a great place to ride a train heading any destination

Salty Rain

Оценка: 3

This place has a nice old touch to it. Still the nice Belgian government did not manage to keep this a tight spot! Shame on you Belgium!!

Han Dir

Оценка: 4

This is the real face of the European capital Brussles: a very old train station with busy traffic on the rails, on the streets and all the walkways around. During the day you will see the very effective flow of blue and white collar workers, all the bureaucratic officers working for the institutions of EU and OTAN and their apple-polishers, lobbyists and other double-dealers ... in the night you will see all the fallen angels, the homeless from eastern Europe and the dark history of Belgium, people from Africa ... hang around the rare power points for loading their smartphone batteries or just waiting for a naive tourist, who get lost in these catacombs ... here you can see what Brussels is in reality and this is very very typically for whole Europe: the front is very historical, very glamorous ... but alltime a construction side, behinde the facade you find a perfect oiled and total effective machinery from the last century, who's nobody know how it's really working because the operation manual get lost on the way, but when you look more behind the machines, than you will see all the man power, all the slaves and all the hopeless ... the basis for a happy life of privileged EU mandarins. Look at this train station and you can see all ... if you get enough, take the next train to the airport and fly away.

Sunil Raju

Оценка: 3

Ok not maintained properly

Alberto F

Оценка: 1

The station is terrible, filled with homeless people trying to find shelter resulting in a really messy and dirty station. The lobby and the platforms have been recently remodeled and now it looks better. Inside the station there’s some level of safety, with an noticiable police presence, but the surroundings outside the station (especially the bus stops) are really dangerous and, after dark, is easy to get mugged.