Station Liege Guillemins

Liège-Guillemins / station Liege Guillemins

Rating: 4.4
Аddress: 4000 Liège, Belgium
GPS: 50.6244335 5.5667081



Station  Liege Guillemins Station  Liege Guillemins Station  Liege Guillemins


Аbout Station Liege Guillemins.

Felix Riehle

Оценка: 5

Large train station with very beautiful architecture.

AVRST Interactive Design

Оценка: 5

Central Station - Liége The new Belgian main railway station in Liége was designed by the world-famous architect Santiago Calatrava. The official opening took place in September 2009. The monumental arch covering the station is 160 metres long and 32 metres high. Despite its immense dimensions, the arch looks incredibly light and is an excellent example of Calatravas's almost artistic skills in structural engineering. Steel, glass and white concrete were used as construction materials

Gerald Walus

Оценка: 5

Loved this train station. Was carrying a large amount of luggage through various stations throughout the day and Liège-Guillemins was a welcome breath of fresh design. It was beautifully laid out while being efficient and friendly to those of us who travel over-encumbered. The architecture was pretty enough to warrant just sitting and gazing over the vista. Shops were well concentrated in one area for convenience.

Bodi van Bodegraven

Оценка: 5

So want to make a review about a woman with one of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen ...🤗😂🙏🏽🧸👈🙏🏽 Whas buying a ticket round 11:30 and she directed me to the loket . After passing by I waved to her 😇😉 . Her eyes are like cat eyes 👀 what I really adore . Bigg kiss for you lovely and don’t even know You’re name .....😆😘😍 Friendly greetings Bodi Van Bodegraven !

Leonid Peleshev

Оценка: 5

One of the most beautiful train station I have seen

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