Airport Minsk Airport

Minsk National Airport / station Minsk Airport

Rating: 3.9
Аddress: Мінск 220054, Belarus
GPS: 53.8885976 28.034781

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Аbout Airport Minsk Airport.

Marin Majstorović

Оценка: 3

Decent airport, Minsk is an amazing city so I expected a bit more. The employees didn’t speak English well, but what I didn’t like at all was the business lounge.

Cristian Garcia

Оценка: 4

Rather small airport, I would have never thought this was the main airport for the country. Immigration controls are slow and very detailed. The airport is far from the city, easiest way to move to Minsk is with a cab. Only 50 minutes and less than £12

Kung Darwin

Оценка: 5

Sim-cards for regular prices directly in the airport, not too crowded, calm, almost no taxi drivers harassing you upon arrival. Seems very safe. Doesn't get any better than this. Other countries should learn from you Belarussia!

Alexey Subach

Оценка: 3

The staff is not very friendly at the security check and sometimes queues are way big for such a small airport. They made the free parking smaller in favor of paid parking instead of just using other free space for the new paid parking. I also expected much more from the business longue. Duty free is quite good though, and there is also one on the way back to Minsk, after baggage claim and before customs

Rita Kokhna

Оценка: 1

Waited for 40 minutes for the bags collection. Either the airport is lacking stuff or the bags are unloaded manually... everything is too slow . Should be more efficient in these days