Train Station Zürich HB

Zurich HB Main Station / station Zürich HB

Rating: 4.4
Аddress: Bahnhofpl., 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
GPS: 47.3778579 8.5403226



Train Station  Zürich HB Train Station  Zürich HB Train Station  Zürich HB


Аbout Train Station Zürich Hb.

DJ Vlogs

Оценка: 5

One of the best train stations in Europe. The employees at the ticket office are very prompt in terms of guidance and Ticketing . We can get many good places to shop and grab a bite. The signs are easy to follow to catch the right trains. Overall excellent

Jeya Kumar Balachandran

Оценка: 4

One of the best train station I ever saw. It’s really difficult to miss there, and it has everything to kill time in waiting and I think it really has everything. I needed to send postcard and the time I remembered it postbox just showed up. Also it’s pretty easy to buy a ticket to airport in the ticketbox


Оценка: 5

My favorite train station, always nice to take trains from there. Almost every train arrives and leaves on time and there are lots of spots to shop or get food here. Perfect for starting a long journey. I would highly recommend for tourists to come during the winter season, around Christmas, as there is a big market right in the middle of the Hauptbahnhof.

Kristina K

Оценка: 5

In my opinion it's one of the best main railway stations I've ever been at. I experienced only friendly staff, too, which contributed majorly to having a good experience since they took their time since I was a little bit overwhelmed coming to Zurich the first time.

Zug Raphael

Оценка: 5

The gateway to the city from Zurich Airport. Like other Swiss stations, it is a fun and lively place with a sense of cleanliness. I can't find anything with good introduction pictures, but it is a very beautiful station.

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