Airport airport Munich MUC

Munich International Airport / airport Munich MUC

Rating: 4
Аddress: Nordallee 25, 85356 Freising, Germany
GPS: 48.3536621 11.7750279



Airport airport Munich MUC Airport airport Munich MUC Airport airport Munich MUC Airport airport Munich MUC


Аbout Airport Airport Munich Muc.


Оценка: 5

Very orderly airport and easy to get around. Easy to find where things are and Customs are friendly. Lots of helpful staff around. Lots of escalators and stuff but the signage are excellent. I prefer this to Frankfurt if I have to transit.

Abbas Mehdi

Оценка: 5

Excellent airport. The cleanliness and class is much better as compared to other airports of Germany. The "Quiet area" is beautifully placed and can be soothing even. And of course one of the busiest ones as well

Amit Kumar Santra

Оценка: 4

One of the biggest airport in world. Outside view was awesome from the airport. Waiting area is very good with mobile charging points. Shower room also available for refreshments. So many duty free shop for speeding time with shopping. Metro is available to go from one terminal to another terminal.

Alexey Subach

Оценка: 5

This is one of the best airports I have been to so far. It is large but well organized. There are many shops and places to eat around. The duty free shop has some good discounts. Prices in the airport are quite expensive though

Red Bandit

Оценка: 5

Spent the night here waiting for a connection. Terminal 2 probably best bet for overnight. Charging points, warm and plenty of seats without armrest. Navigation is simple and well signposted. Also a supermarket in the main square for reasonably priced food and drink.

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