Airport airport Nuremberg NUE

Airport Nürnberg / airport Nuremberg NUE

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Flughafenstraße 100, 90411 Nürnberg, Germany
GPS: 49.4971202 11.079808



Airport airport Nuremberg NUE Airport airport Nuremberg NUE Airport airport Nuremberg NUE


Аbout Airport Airport Nuremberg Nue.

Ulrich Hatje

Оценка: 4

Small airport with short distance between gates and arrival / baggage claim. Major car rentals are right across exit from baggage into arrival hall, so they can not be missed. Cars are parked in the parking lot across the arrival exit - very convenient. Public transport into Nürnberg city and connection to trains via U-Bahn.

Nikos Patsiatzis

Оценка: 4

Although it is a rather small airport, you can see the attention to detail everywhere. All spaces are meticulously cleaned and there are enough chairs and lounges according to the size of the airport.

Morgan Flint

Оценка: 5

Actually quite a comfortable and not so expensive airport. Very quick access into the city centre via the U-Bahn. Police were helpful when a hippy guy kept on harassing me in the arrivals hall

Avant-garde Dorée

Оценка: 4

Easy to navigate -less congestion Somehow very quiet.


Оценка: 5

Small yet accommodating airport. One runway which serves takeoffs and landings efficiently. Well connected to city (7-8 kms to center) by U-Bahn and surrounding cities (Erlangen and Fuerth) by bus with good frequency (no need of taxi practically to reach city center or even most of busy areas). Has duty free shops, McD, coffee shops, car rentals, bank, car parking facility and even global tax free refund counter (don’t expect it to be open before 9am... so if you are taking outward flights before this time... either get in touch at next transit airport or 🤷‍♂️... I guess you will have to loose). Security check is hassle free and pretty quick, mobile boarding at ease, silent waiting areas around gates, not so wow toilets. Aahhhh... when you land here, your luggage reach the belt before you reach the belt (I experienced it ALL time). It takes hardly 5-10 mins to exit (including luggage collect) airport when you land here. 1 hour prior to scheduled take off (unless you are on few low cost flights like Ryanair, Eurowings, lauda...) is sufficient in my views.

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