Train Station Kelenfoeld

Kelenföld / station Kelenfoeld

Rating: 3.1
Аddress: Budapest, 1115 Hungary
GPS: 47.4651747 19.0216363



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Аbout Train Station Kelenfoeld.

Gyorgy Molnar

Оценка: 1

One thing, that whole station looks like an overused toilet, but if you go to the tunnel, it is impossible to find our what is going from where and digital ticket not explaining from which peron isleaving your train. Like this I missed my train and had to wait 2 more hours for next train. Nothing nearby, maybe in few years a Mall, but now nothing! Poor service poor hygiene

Cynthia Wei

Оценка: 4

The new station is quite nice but I wish the gov can preserve the old station because it's very unique and has historic value.

Marko K. Pribić

Оценка: 1

It's 4am, no information displayed, no staff on site, empty station. For non-hungarian tourist, this is a nightmare as 95% of population does not speak english.

András Rácz

Оценка: 2

This is NOT Keleti railway station, as the current English title suggests. Keleti is at the other end of M4 metro. My suggested edit has been pending at Google for months.

Ákos Temesvári

Оценка: 2

A modern station but with no toilet facilities. (There is one at the bus station, but that is not part of the station. You have to pay.) The underpass is big and bright, even so it is open for wind and cold.

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