Airport Central Japan International Airport(Ngo)

Chubu Centrair International Airport / station Central Japan International Airport(Ngo)

Rating: 4.2
Аddress: 1-chōme-1 Centrair, Tokoname, Aichi 479-0881, Japan
GPS: 34.8585531 136.8114851

Airport  Central Japan International Airport(Ngo) Airport  Central Japan International Airport(Ngo) Airport  Central Japan International Airport(Ngo) Airport  Central Japan International Airport(Ngo)


Аbout Airport Central Japan International Airport(ngo).

Zephyriousity Ph

Оценка: 4

Big airport! We almost got lost. We bought a train ticket going to Nagoya Station which is somehow I think inside the airport. There are helpful staff whom we asked around. They even changed our tickets when the first train went off and left us. Very accommodating! It can be too hot at the terminal 2. Hehe

Jack Liu

Оценка: 5

A beautiful and modern airport in Nagoya. I only took a brief stop here. As with many airports in Japan, the domestic and international terminals are separated, which means you would have to go out and get your luggage in the international terminal and then check in to the domestic one. There are tons of shops and restaurants to choose from, and during the winter season, there is even a Christmas market. Security is quick and efficient. Got through the immigration and security in less than 10 minutes.

BC Wright

Оценка: 5

Quite accessible by train or cars. The airport is at the end of the train line and does not require any direction for walking. Inexpensive and adequate parking area [try not to spend too much time in the parking lot]. Very clearly marked areas, (in English and Japanese). Has some cafe, restaurants and large enough souvenir shopping areas. Very helpful staff.

The Kyle Broadcast

Оценка: 5

This airport was wonderful. There’s a lot of stores and gift shops if you have to wait for a flight. This airport even has its own onsen (hot bath). The workers at this airport were extremely polite and respectful, and bowed to departing airplanes. I love this airport!!!


Оценка: 4

The observation deck is nice place to visit when you are waiting for your flight.

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