Station Vilnius Seiny

Vilnius Bus Station / station Vilnius Seiny

Rating: 3.3
Аddress: Sodų g. 22, Vilnius 03211, Lithuania
GPS: 54.6707641 25.2818335



Station  Vilnius Seiny Station  Vilnius Seiny Station  Vilnius Seiny


Аbout Station Vilnius Seiny.

Debby Akin

Оценка: 5

Its has basically everything needed for a bus station.

Andrew Muttiah

Оценка: 5

Clean place with alot of space. Variety of stores and restaurants inside for snacks. Easy access to public transportation.


Оценка: 3

Decent enough, subpar to the ones in larger Polish cities though. You have a supermarket in the station, cafes and other useful venues. The platforms are properly marked and there are plenty of buses in different directions. However, the quality of the buses is really bad, they are uncomfortable and usually get overcrowded because the drivers try to milk as much money as possible. I went from Vilnius to Kaunas and the bus didn't even have a place to store my luggage. And I paid 7 Euros for the distance, which in Poland would have cost half.

Mayada El Sayed

Оценка: 4

Its a good place and clean.there is a public can buy ur ticket from ticket office or from a self service can pay cash or by card.there are restuarants and coffee shops there to get a snack or buy some drink.they all close by 10 pm.pets are allowed local lines people are not very committed to their chair number.but in international lines everyone sets in his own chair.

traveler AED

Оценка: 3

There are 37 platforms here. However, please note that there is no time on the time board because LUXbus has few flights. The ticket window was open at 5:30 in the morning. Convenience stores are also available so you can buy food. instagram:aed_traveler offten post travel info

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