Train Station Vilnius

Vilnius / station Vilnius

Rating: 4.2
Аddress: Vilnius 02100, Lithuania
GPS: 54.6703292 25.2844131



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Аbout Train Station Vilnius.


Оценка: 5

Small railway station


Оценка: 5

Not too large but perfect. Clean public spaces including toilets, nice little supermarket, souvenir shops and a tiny kiosk with fresh coffee and tea, apart from some drink machines in the main hall - offering both cold and hot drinks. Luggage storage, open 24hours. Trains leave on time and very clean. Clear info on train departure times etc

Protivagaz man

Оценка: 5

As long as you ask for directions you will not get lost in the underground section. The toilets are fitted with neon light. The ice cream lady out side is nice. Big empty hall at entrance with just a piano.

Olivia Meng

Оценка: 1

Worst service ever at the information center. Rude, unhelpful and unbothered.

Yelizaveta Smalonskaya

Оценка: 2

The station is not fully equipped for disabled people. The escalator plenty of times was broken. For me is not a problem but for my grandmother when she is travelling alone with heavy suitcase its really difficult to move it through the stairs/elevator.

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