Bus Station Luxembourg Gare routière

Luxembourg (Gare centrale) / station Luxembourg Gare routière

Rating: 4
Аddress: 1616, Luxembourg
GPS: 49.5989983 6.1330258



Bus Station  Luxembourg Gare routière Bus Station  Luxembourg Gare routière


Аbout Bus Station Luxembourg Gare Routière.

55 Postures

Оценка: 5

Licembutk is really fascinating city which worth to visit. Station has big parking and is located in the centre of city.

Jung Sascha

Оценка: 5


Jonne Kingma

Оценка: 5

Pretty station and connections to lots of places in the neighbouring countries. Downside is that you'll find a lot of beggers.

Grant Bremner

Оценка: 5

Great city to visit as there is so much to see and do. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the piano in the city square and it was in tune. I took a bus ride with a commentary for 90 minutes around Luxembourg to give me an idea of what to visit first. It is built amid deep gorges cut by two rivers makes it unique. The old city is a remarkable place to walk around looking at the ramparts and the buildings.

Abdulsalam Al-Aamri

Оценка: 5

Nice clean city polite people most very friendly and helpful people nice park and the old town is a must to visit. City is safe and can do a lot of walking around old city walls

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