Train Station Monaco Monte Carlo

Monaco Monte Carlo / station Monaco Monte Carlo

Rating: 4.3
Аddress: Place Sainte-Dévote, 98000 Monaco
GPS: 43.7387495 7.4189942



Train Station  Monaco Monte Carlo Train Station  Monaco Monte Carlo


Аbout Train Station Monaco Monte Carlo.

Yury Kunitsky

Оценка: 4

If a ticket machine won't accept your credit card (which it usually does until it completely shuts itself off), try any other ticket machine you can find - there are several types of them and a white one next to the ticket office (that is surely closed or on a strike or both) works smoothly. The train station itself is gorgeous though.

Denis Aleks

Оценка: 4

It's a unique building, established right in the cleft of rocks... But everything is blinding in face of tickets purchasing. If you don't speak French, if you don't know where to go at platform and were to buy... the only way for you is to pray and wait for good Samaritan or your countryman, that helps you. Sad but true 😏

Kiril Godjirov

Оценка: 4

Clean and well built, should have dedicated tourist help, to be more tourist friendly.


Оценка: 1

Just few trains were running due to some strike that is going on for the last two years. On the SNFC site all trains are on schedule...but in reality you take a huge risk if you count on train to get to the airport on time.

John Paterson

Оценка: 5

Connects to most parts of Monaco through several underground tunnels. Spacious and clean.

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