Train Station Ungheni

Ungheni Patria / station Ungheni

Rating: 4.3
Аddress: Ungheni, Moldova
GPS: 47.2033995 27.8000071


Аbout Train Station Ungheni.

Anatol Cretu

Оценка: 4

international train station. All train that cross the border must change their wheels because of different rail gauges.Moldova, like all former Soviet Union states use broad 1520 mm gauge. Romania, and all other European countries uses 1435 mm gauges. So with special jacks all wagons are lifted and wheels are changed. The building of the station present an historical and architectural value. Inside there are customs, ticket office, restaurant.

Vladimir Pintea

Оценка: 5

Train Iasi Chisinau is one of the best.

Roman Vasilascu

Оценка: 3

A bit weird and not too clean.

Ionut Paul

Оценка: 2

O gara uitata in timp


Оценка: 5

Gara internationala. Are ceva istoric in ea