Airport airport Chisinau KIV

Chișinău International Airport / airport Chisinau KIV

Rating: 4.2
Аddress: Bulevardul Dacia 80/3, Chișinău 2026, Moldova
GPS: 46.935168 28.935516



Airport airport Chisinau KIV Airport airport Chisinau KIV Airport airport Chisinau KIV Airport airport Chisinau KIV


Аbout Airport Airport Chisinau Kiv.

Mark Aa

Оценка: 4

Very nice and small airport. Quick security check. Great variety of Moldovan goods in the duty free store.

Carina Saviuc

Оценка: 1

Me and My husband had an awful experience with the airport crew. We had over weight which we already knew and we were ready to pay. The girl that assisted us: Adriana Paraschiv told us the wrong amount of the over weight fee without being informed and knowledgeable in her work position. They transfer us to the other employee that was worst than her because he was very rude, unprofessional and he wasn’t helpful at all. We did ask to speak with the manager which his answer was that no one can assist us. In the airport is always a management team that has to be there for situations like this. They did not have any price list of the luggage overweight which was very strange. We are very disappointed and frustrated that they are working there for no reason and making things harder instead of making them easier.

Ron van Bruchem

Оценка: 5

Super efficient, good shops and cheap restaurants, easy transport to and from city. Great!

Mariana Miron

Оценка: 4

Aircafe is a monopoly, beware of surprise prices like a bottle of water at 45 lei - shame on them! The line is super long, and they accept only Moldovan lei. Renovated space is great, but good business practices are still pending :(

Kunze Lu

Оценка: 5

Very bright and clean airport. Quite a number of facilities. Comfortable waiting area with plenty of charging points. ATM and money exchange are available 24/7. The toilets are one of the best and cleanest in the world. To get to the city, you can take trolley bus no. 30 in front of the departure hall. There is a bus around every 30 minutes.

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