Airport airport Amsterdam Schiphol AMS

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol / airport Amsterdam Schiphol AMS

Rating: 4.2
Аddress: Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, Netherlands
GPS: 52.3105386 4.7682744




Аbout Airport Airport Amsterdam Schiphol Ams.

Aayush Khandelwal

Оценка: 5

Completely deserves 5 star! Facilities which they are offering are mind blowing. You can also check out each and every facility / information on site as well. Cleanliness is at top. Corona precautions are awesome lots of booths available for not only hand sanitization, even you can disinfectified your belongings like your luggage as well as uv sanitize available for mobioes and passport.

Arun Moses

Оценка: 5

A good airport. It was empty because of Corona. There are some comfy couches hidden in the first floor behind the Starbucks. It's quite comfy in case you don't find a room in the 2 hotels in the airport. However you can still find just a shower in both the hotels just in case you want to freshen up.


Оценка: 5

Well organized, clean and very easy to reach from Amsterdam. You can take many trains from Amsterdam Centraal (direction Rotterdam e.g.) for 4,50€ (5,50€ if you don't have a train card), it takes about 15 minutes (2 stops). The three terminals are well connected and not far from eachother (about 5 minutes walk each), but pay attention! Sometimes the check-in is in another terminal as your boarding gate. I had the situation and found it a bit hard to reach my gate, but ask the airport staff, they will be very friendly and helpful!

Rob Dunger

Оценка: 4

Airport is excellent. Schiphol airport website gives different check in times to those of Easyjet. Airport almost empty

Davis Urdaneta

Оценка: 5

Huge but easy to navigate! Lots of shops and food options. Easy train access to Central Station (€5.50 single route). Love it!

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