Bus Station Eindhoven Centraal

Eindhoven, Centraal Station / station Eindhoven Centraal

Rating: 3.9
Аddress: 5611 ZS Eindhoven, Netherlands
GPS: 51.4437615 5.478733



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Аbout Bus Station Eindhoven Centraal.

Vishnu Prasad

Оценка: 5

Nicely connected with the bus and train stations.

Doe Je Verhaal

Оценка: 5

Nice modern and compact busstation behind the Eindhoven Central Railstation (North). Information about bus schedules and departing buses provided. Inside the Central Station there is a shop providing information or asdistance for train and bus travellers. Open from 6.45 am till 18.30 pm on workdays; in the weekend from 9.00 am till 17.00.

Nina Subina

Оценка: 1

The worth place in the world and this city also :( we came by train at 1 am from Rotterdam and must wait our bus to airport all night on the street!! Here is verry veerry cold! I’m dying now. And on the bus station no one warm place for waiting my bus. And this in whole city!


Оценка: 1

Buses are always not on time, either leave earlier than scheduled or too late, or are simply not there..


Оценка: 4

Moderna estação localizada na região central da Eindhoven. Pequena se comparada a outras estações holandesas como as de Roterdam, Amsterdam e Haia.

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