Station Krakow Lotnisko

Kraków, Kraków Airport / station Krakow Lotnisko

Rating: 4
Аddress: 32-083, Poland
GPS: 50.0718435 19.8011838



Station  Krakow Lotnisko Station  Krakow Lotnisko Station  Krakow Lotnisko Station  Krakow Lotnisko


Аbout Station Krakow Lotnisko.

Ein Google-Nutzer

Оценка: 5

Public transport directly in the front of the airport where you can pay with your phone inside the bus and pay like 1€ to go to the city center. This is so amazing, and also the airport itself is really good structured, from the entrance to my gate took me less than 10 minutes 😯 (ok nobody was at the security but still this shows how short the ways are here). Really nice!

George Papadopoulos

Оценка: 5

Very nice airport and very good service

Jane Street

Оценка: 5

Quick to take bags off aeroplane. Clean.clean toilet area. Good seating. Modern. Good information boards. Plenty of taxis outside.

Dr. Harsha vardhan reddy

Оценка: 3

Small but ok. We slept night time here. No problem. Everything is good. Staff are helpful. Toilets are clean.

Not You

Оценка: 5

I came 5 hours early and was not bourd because they had a game room and lots of restaurant and it was also very clean 🧹 but it is pretty small compared to other airports and it's a half hour from the city center

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