Airport Wroclaw Airport

Air Freight Station Wroclaw Sp. o.o. / station Wroclaw Airport

Rating: 4.2
Аddress: Władysława Zarembowicza 40, 54-530 Wrocław, Poland
GPS: 51.1072441 16.8854292



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Аbout Airport Wroclaw Airport.

Albert Mrozkiewicz

Оценка: 5

Very good airport!

Piotr Z

Оценка: 5

Fast unloading, friendly service, cargo area shower and toilet for drivers.

Voyo Nick

Оценка: 4

Freight station or Cargo terminal - such as not very significant airport in Wroclaw. Warehouse space certainly exceeds the amount of entering / leaving goods by air. The building itself smacks a bit with a mouse but such are cargo terminals almost all over the world - with the exception of the largest reloading hubs. It would be useful, however, to renovate the facility - especially office space. In any case, easy access, good signs - no more comments!

Tomek Szczodrowski

Оценка: 2

In my opinion, the only plus is the location itself. The rest are weak. It could use a modernization because now it is like Gierek. Parking poor, toilet drama, buffet not very much. A lot of forwarding on site.

Aleksandra Płuciniczak

Оценка: 5

Great airport

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