Station Jaslo

Jasło / station Jaslo

Rating: 3.3
Аddress: 38-200 Jaslo, Poland
GPS: 49.7378388 21.4707371



Station  Jaslo Station  Jaslo Station  Jaslo Station  Jaslo


Аbout Station Jaslo.

Wojciech Krawczyk

Оценка: 3

To the store far ...


Оценка: 1

No 3-8 minutes you have to wait for the train to get to the other side

xPatryk 24

Оценка: 1

The Jasło-Krosno train was canceled for the third time. I do not recommend

Oliwia Augustyn

Оценка: 5

The station was empty for a long time, there were no connections and the place deterred. However, a lot of good things have been going on lately! Part of the building was demolished in favor of a larger parking lot. The tracks were renovated (this resulted in the cancellations of courses mentioned in other opinions, or substitute communication, but this has already passed). I travel often on the Rzeszów-Jasło route, I used to go by bus, then by car. Now I have completely changed trains! There are plenty of connections, comfortable vehicles, the route was completed quickly, and the service was mostly nice and patient :) I hope that there will be more good changes, maybe we will wait to renovate the waiting room? I recommend checking the connections (every Sunday there is a direct connection to Krakow!) And give Jasło Główny a second chance :)

Monika Zawiła

Оценка: 1

Liquidation of the morning route Gorlice - Rzeszów. A huge minus.

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