Train Station Katowice Katowice

Katowice / station Katowice Katowice bus station

Rating: 4.2
Аddress: plac Marii i Lecha Kaczyńskich, 40-098 Katowice, Poland
GPS: 50.2576047 19.0170979




Аbout Train Station Katowice Katowice .

Tim Michael Vesper

Оценка: 3

Modern train station. The announcements at the platforms were super loud and annoying though. We went to the Koleje Slaskie ticket office to buy tickets to Oświęcim. The lady at the office didn't speak English which is understandable since Katowice doesn't has too many international tourists though. She didn't bother to help us despite me showing her were we want to go on my phone and screamed at us in Polish. She could have at least tried to find an English speaking colleague to help us out...

Maciek K

Оценка: 4

The station is quite big but could be cleaner. There are usually quite a few people in there but it's not too crowded. It's close to "Galeria Katowicka" so you can but everything you will need.

Polish Ultras

Оценка: 4

Katowice is incredible city and i just love new train station connected to best shopping centre! Even UK is behind.. I can't even believe it.. great weather


Оценка: 5

Modern and tidy place with a huge shopping mall attached to the railway station's hall. Used to be largest railway station in entire Poland. You can get a train to Warsaw, Gdansk Wroclaw, Cracow, Vienna, Prague and Budapest from here. Tickets are also sold via internet.


Оценка: 4

Pretty precise schedules (arrivals and departures as well) along with the delays spoken over the PA (although it's hardly annoying to distinguish the English language - it needs to be improved). Also, prices for abroad customers are relatively cheap. Great communication brought by an underground bus station. Plenty of convenience stores, drug stores and food stalls around.