Station Kraków Kraków MDA

Kraków Glowny / station Kraków Kraków MDA

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Bosacka 18, 31-505 Kraków, Poland
GPS: 50.067897 19.9495979



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Аbout Station Kraków Kraków Mda.

Danny KidSuper Lin

Оценка: 4

Pretty decent bus station conveniently located next to the Krakow main train station. It's a 2 level structure with many bus companies around and you should be diligent to monitor the buses coming and going. There are lockers on both sides of the terminal too. Friendly ticketing staff.


Оценка: 4

Good! Plenty of buses going in all directions within minutes from each other. It's not that spacious and the platforms are numbered a bit weird. The announcements are only in Polish. I bought my ticket online so I limited my interactions with staff, can't comment on that

Robert Cooke

Оценка: 5

This is the transport hub for the city connected to the train station and a shopping centre so it's very convenient. You can arrive and depart pretty much anywhere in Poland and beyond. There is big timetables showing you everything so very easy to find any destination you are looking for. I will make a special mention for those who are doing daytrip to Auschwitz. I included the timetable below. If you want to visit without booking a tour in summer (I visited in August) get the 6:20am or 7:10am bus although I'd suggest 6:20am bus. You have to go in before 8:30am in July & August if you don't want do a tour. If it's another time of the year check the times.


Оценка: 3

From here you can take the local inter city bus to Krakow. It is small van type bus but if you take the first one, you can enter the camp free. As far as I recall, the camp was free before 10:00. Otherwise, you can join the group tour from downtown, Warsaw.


Оценка: 5

The main bus station has a great location. It's located right next to the main railway station and only about 15 min walking to the Old Town. The Cafe at the station is very affordable with soup costing 5.5 sloty and set lunch about 20 sloty. If you'd like a bit of privacy I reccomend getting to the reading area (located rigt in front of one of the entrances and close to the casheers). It's quite and cozy waiting area.

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