Airport Modlin Lotnisko

Warsaw Modlin Airport / station Modlin Lotnisko

Rating: 2.7
Аddress: Generała Wiktora Thommée 1a, 05-102 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland
GPS: 52.4492645 20.6512374



Airport  Modlin Lotnisko Airport  Modlin Lotnisko


Аbout Airport Modlin Lotnisko.

affan zhelazh abdul azeez

Оценка: 5

As a passenger this is really what I want, just want to make my journey hassle free, much quicker and cheapest possible. A small airport with helpful staff and adequate shops to buy gifts, liquor (if you’re in favour of consuming or gifting) and cigarettes (if you are associated with smoking or gifting) finally snacks and meals are available as well. Been twice and find extremely easy to travel through. From the airport a shuttle bus to the train station and a train to the city or a taxi to the city. Or a coach to the central Warsaw (palace of culture) Killing time or loitering around airport/s is not my thing, I love to reduce time and money spent at the airport, so can use that money elsewhere at the destination. If in need of luxury this is not the airport for you, so research before and think where you gonna spend your money wisely before you choose. Cheaper and hassle free way to travel the polish capital Warsaw.

Natalie Ostasiuk

Оценка: 5

Very surprised by the poor reviews. I understand the airport is small and lacks a variety of shops and services however all the times I've flown from here everything always went smoothly. Quick bag drop, quick check in/out, quick security due to quick staff (it's the customers that cause issues) I can see everyone has an issue that the staff doesn't speak English.... You're in another country people so get used to hings not being tailored to YOU. VERY clean toilets compare to any other airport I've been to. Needs more charging points- even paid.

Ihor Havrylyuk

Оценка: 4

I have been twice at this airport and I should say that it is really easy and cheap to get from Warsaw to Modlin. The airport is small, but you can either read a book/listen to your music or buy a snack/drink. Well done 4/5

Marty Wit

Оценка: 5

Very clean airport. Yes, it's a bit out of the way from Warsaw, but they do have car rentals on-site which allows for a smooth connection. I love this airport as it's an easier and quicker option when compared to a bigger airport. Thank you Modlin!

Kamil Jakubowicz

Оценка: 1

Worst airport I have ever been to. Staff is super rude, plus you have to pay for the liquid bags which is outrageous, as I haven't been to any other airports where they make you pay for them. This place is a joke seriously. Fly elsewhere if you can people

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