Train Station Szklarska Poreba Gorna

Szklarska Poręba Górna / station Szklarska Poreba Gorna

Rating: 4.3
Аddress: Dworcowa 10, 58-580 Szklarska Poręba, Poland
GPS: 50.8324145 15.5187798



Train Station  Szklarska Poreba Gorna Train Station  Szklarska Poreba Gorna Train Station  Szklarska Poreba Gorna


Аbout Train Station Szklarska Poreba Gorna.

AMB Kliś

Оценка: 5

To piękne miejsce. It's a beautiful place, amazing Forests, views, mountains, etc.

Bruce Wharrie

Оценка: 1

Railway station building closed due to major renovation.

Mario Falzon

Оценка: 4

Spread wide over the Karkonosze hills on both sides of the Kamienna River, Szklarska Poreba comprises four minor districts that join at a common centre along Ul Jednosci Narodowej. Being spread like tree branches out of the same trunk, the four districts within Szklarska Poreba cannot be served by the same train station and so this mountain resort has three distinct railway stops. Szklarska Poreba Dolna and Szklarska Poreba Srednia are single-platform one-room stations with no facilities whatsoever and being well out of Szklarska’s main thoroughfare, both are unpopular with visitors. But since several private accommodation options and mountain refuges have recently developed around them, they may still be of interest to skiers and trekkers who are looking for out-of-the-way lodging. The main train station utilized by the majority of visitors is unquestionably Szklarska Poreba Gorna, a small mountain chalet located on a clearing north of the centre. A typical mountain home with two platforms only, this station incorporates an information desk, a ticket office, a take-away restaurant and refreshment machines. This two-storey building, gracefully adorned with rows of colourful friezes and wooden cutouts fits in the forested ambience of the place so naturally that it goes on unnoticed until a train pulls in. Outside, sheltered wooden benches where one can sit and wait for the train complement the impeccable country setting of the location. The bright yellow Dolny Slask (Lower Silesian) trains pull in at the station quite frequently. Trains from the Czech Republic usually travel past the ski resort of Harrachov and then proceed to the border station of Korenov which is the end stop for Czech trains. At Korenov, one has to change to Polish stock if one intends to enter Polish territory. The first Polish station after Korenov is Szklarska Poreba Gorna from where one can travel further east to Jelenia Gora. The station at Szklarska Poreba Gorna is located on the top of a hill. Reaching the town centre (Ul 1 Maja) from here comprises a ten-minute downhill walk around tight bends taking in several hotels, restaurants and ice-cream parlours along the way. Climbing up to the train station on foot from the centre is obviously a feat of hard exertion.

Justyn Kamiński

Оценка: 5

Greate station, very helpful staff.

Anna g

Оценка: 3

very busy for winter sport