Airport airport Katowice KTW

Katowice Airport / airport Katowice KTW

Rating: 3.2
Аddress: Wolności 90, 42-625 Ożarowice, Poland
GPS: 50.4728015 19.0758814



Airport airport Katowice KTW Airport airport Katowice KTW Airport airport Katowice KTW


Аbout Airport Airport Katowice Ktw.

Kacper Kwadrans

Оценка: 4

First of advantages is aircraft sleeve. The Airport is generally good, but i saw more pretty.


Оценка: 1

Katowice's custom officers have the worst service standards I have experienced in my life. They walk to the head office every other time, to ask for clarifications from managers, while people have to wait in the line. Especially those who are not EU citizens. Completely unacceptable waiting time! 200 people had to wait 2 hours, with average time per passenger took 5-10 minutes. A Polish custom officer asked me: "Are you Finnish". I didn't understand why he is asking me my nationality, if he has my passport in his hands. So, I answered him in very polite way that I'm not Finnish. He got confused and looked at me with a strong contempt. For a while he didn't know what to ask next... After a short pause, he got up from his chair and showed me my BRP card issued date, and with a triumph of Cesar declared that my BRP is finished. Basically, what he was asking is if that my BRP has expired (finish), confusing expires with issued dates. Additionally, no greetings, no thank you or please... Think twice before booking a connecting flight, give 3-4 hours at least. Customs are dead slow.

Wojciech Eisler

Оценка: 3

Security is a bit too eager. Probably the only airport in Europe that forces you to take out every lense from your camera case (apart from other things). They could use customer services tutoring as well, although that's a common "virtue" of polish airports staff.

Dreamer Arts and crafters Studios

Оценка: 5

The place is open everything is fine the place is super secure its like a anti coronavirus place but everyshop is open and theres realy no pepole for flight so enjoy youre fast tickets and youre Big private jet bc theres no on the plane

Sebastian Szulik

Оценка: 5

Thank you for good service. See you in London !

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