Train Station Bucuresti

Gara de Nord / station Bucuresti

Rating: 3.3
Аddress: Bucharest, Romania
GPS: 44.4459737 26.0748853



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Аbout Train Station Bucuresti.


Оценка: 3

Needs renovation and improvement. I give 3 stars for its history, it is very interesting

Picalilly Deve

Оценка: 4

Well organized and clean. Clean toilets at McDonald’s.

Γιώργος Ανδρινόπουλος

Оценка: 5

The station has many stores to eat and drink something. It is connected to the metro system. The trains leave on their time, friendly stuff and everything clean enough. The prices are very low. The routes Bucharest-Brasov-Sibiu-Bucharest were very nice. You can also purchase the tickets online.

Dana T

Оценка: 4

Nothing changed here in the past half century, other than the dozens of little stores all around. This is good, you never go hungry if you need to. I like that there are few private trains, affordable and clean. It is an improvement.


Оценка: 3

Well, not the best but not the worst.. a little chaotic reading the train schedule and finding the right platform but other than that it’s ok. There’s market near by so if you have a long trip with no resto wagon, better to stock up there.