Train Station Beograd

BELGRADE CENTER-Prokop (BEOGRAD CENTAR-Prokop) / station Beograd

Rating: 3.2
Аddress: Belgrade, Serbia
GPS: 44.7936052 20.4533295



Train Station  Beograd Train Station  Beograd Train Station  Beograd


Аbout Train Station Beograd.

Annabelle Royer

Оценка: 1

We were only able to get to this station and buy our tickets because local friends helped us-- just something to keep in mind. Basically there's an abandoned construction site with an elevator in front and you take the elevator down to the underground floor and that's the station. For anyone going to Montenegro, or I believe Thessaloniki, we bought our tickets here, but this is NOT the station the train leaves from. It leaves from Topčider. I saw a review that said Topčider only accepts cash, which is why we bought them here using a credit card. I heard the tram 3 goes to Topčider though so you should be able to access it from downtown. But maybe not from this station unless you have a taxi or something. Tip-- there should be WiFi at this station. If you need a ride download the Car Go app which they use similarly to Uber.

Anamarija Partl

Оценка: 3

Was sad to see the old one deserted, this one is rather displaced, poorly connected and looks like under construction from outside, but inside looks fine. Usually only one person works at ticket office so be there well before departure time to get the tickets if you don't buy them beforehand.

Jorge González Arocha

Оценка: 4

They respect the schedule, the train was on time and inside it was very clean. The new group of trains are awesome.

Nenad Latinović

Оценка: 2

While the platforms are nice and the actually functional part of the station is there working, the surroundings are unfinished, to put it mildly. There's one bar on the platform, there's a waiting room and free wifi. However, that's it. One small bus station outside, the pavement tiles are already falling apart. Hope it gets finished in the near future as it has potential.

Aggro Rulz

Оценка: 1

This place is something like that post apocalyptic survival video game. You'll have it in full: first person action, starvation, deserted area, no buying goods, no city around, nothing but you and zombies around you. Make sure you do a 'quick save' on F5 before you buy a ticket to Belgrade.

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