Airport Kazan Airport

Kazan Airport / station Kazan Airport

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Ulitsa Aeroport, 1, Kazan, Respublika Tatarstan, Russia, 420017
GPS: 55.6080657 49.2810507



Airport  Kazan Airport Airport  Kazan Airport


Аbout Airport Kazan Airport.

Jouni Heikkilä

Оценка: 4

Small quite ok, nothing special. Fast.

Rafael 116

Оценка: 4

It was pretty good as far as I understand. But prices in cafe inside in some places were 4 times higher than in city

Dmitry Chernyshev

Оценка: 4

A bit crowded today, though employees are polite and effective as usual. Terminal 1a doors are closed, use Terminal 1 to enter.

Owen Daniel

Оценка: 3

So my last beer in Kazan (for now) tastes good. Flying to Moscow you don’t need an hour. I was super late (for the two hour window and didn’t matter at all). The bar is cute, nobody speaks English. Toilets are close (to gate 9) and somebody else smoked in there?!

Mineeva Valentina

Оценка: 3

The airport is recent and clean, but the general impression is not good. People that work there are hardly polite. Do not expect much help, try better find by yourself. For an airport that is supposed to be international, a better service should be provided. Some shops are good to visit.

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