Train Station Kievsky Rail Terminal

Kiyevsky railway station / station Kievsky Rail Terminal

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Kiyevsky Station Square, 1, Moskva, Russia, 121059
GPS: 55.7430872 37.5667304




Аbout Train Station Kievsky Rail Terminal.

Wrey Swiftie

Оценка: 5

This was taken on November 2019 using #GooglePixel2XL 'night sight' mode. 🤗 #GooglePixel phones night photography has always produce beautiful photos. 😍


Оценка: 5

One of the coolest train stations in the world, every seperate platform typically comes with stained glass. all underground and quite old.

Michael Atlan

Оценка: 5

Ample and efficient.

hakuna matata MGL

Оценка: 5

hello everyone . please help me ! i want know ticket price !!!1! how much ticket !!111 i will go внуково airfort ----- киевский вокзал . how many ruble

Denis Pisarev

Оценка: 5

I took part in a great tour by Moscow by the Eyes of Egineer. The 2016 restauration was perfect. The Station is beautiful and interesting. We even got access to the mechanic clock in it's tower. Great clock and fascinating view from it.

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