Train Station Maribor

Maribor / station Maribor

Rating: 3.8
Аddress: Center, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
GPS: 46.562065 15.658011



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Аbout Train Station Maribor.

Aayush Sharma

Оценка: 5

It has numerous domestic booking counters and an international booking counter as well. There are hardly any queues, which makes it very easy for travellers. Staff is very helping and speak English proficiently.

Daniel Yourdanov

Оценка: 5

Good train station! Perfect services!

Martin Margerrison

Оценка: 3

Everything basic that you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

William Dirschka

Оценка: 1

The station is not open all night, there are no benches or chairs when it is open and if you lie down on the floor to nap when no one else is there then the security guard yells at you. Maybe, not 100% sure what he said, but he shook his finger.

Otto Khera

Оценка: 5

First rate and very clean and nice and small. Lovely.

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