Station Bratislava Most SNP

Bratislava, Bratislava,,Most SNP / station Bratislava Most SNP

Rating: 3.7
Аddress: 811 02 Bratislava-Old Town, Slovakia
GPS: 48.140353 17.104205



Station  Bratislava Most SNP Station  Bratislava Most SNP


Аbout Station Bratislava Most Snp.

Mi Loo

Оценка: 5

Krasny most s UFO!

Andy Doe

Оценка: 3

Free WiFi at the Bus station

Маринела Великова

Оценка: 2

It's hard to call the bus station, but it's going to be like that .. "Subway" (so it sounds in Slovak). It's often good (if you know it is there) ... Near the river, the old part, the palace. right under the new bridge (with the flying saucer). Information and organization is missing .. I have ticket machines but work only with coins .. I have a busy office at the bus station .. the staff are trying but they do not quite understand English (Russians are better) .. you can buy tickets cash .. Nearby there is a stop 6 from which you can find to Devin and the fortress ... Otherwise from here take buses to Vienna, Brno, Prague .. Hamburg .. bus of Felix bus ..., there is a small office of the bus company Reggio .. .which speak English ... they are transporting to Vienna Prague.

Valeria Albertoni

Оценка: 3

There is no place to stop, but only the point where the bus will stop.

Eva Peškova

Оценка: 4

It would be nice to slightly modify the platforms under the mod

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