Airport airport Zurich ZRH

Zurich Airport / airport Zurich ZRH

Rating: 4.4
Аddress: 8058 Kloten, Switzerland
GPS: 47.4582165 8.5554755



Airport airport Zurich ZRH Airport airport Zurich ZRH


Аbout Airport Airport Zurich Zrh.

Poseidónas Greek eline

Оценка: 5

Very huge airport. It is worth noting that for this small country this airport is like a big city. The structure of the airport is very modern. Everywhere is clean. The staff is polite. They work professionally, accurately, quickly and accurately.

Streaming Service

Оценка: 5

Another nice airport 🛄 , you have everything here. The lounges are nice quiet and nice place to eat and seat 💺 down. It's easy to come to the gate from the lounges. And if you don't have access to lounges area it's perfectly fine out side of the lounges.

Prof AB

Оценка: 4

Nice airport, good facilities and nice view at the gate area. Avoid overnight transit as the airport shuts down in the night. Its very quiet and isolated in the night not like dubai Airport. But its safe.


Оценка: 3

Decent airport. Beautiful exposed cement architecture. But limited shopping and overall not as much buzz has other European hubs. Great views of the Swiss hills.

John Russell Herbert

Оценка: 5

I've only passed though the airport at night, transferring between Warsaw and Brussels. It seems to be quite spacious and replete with amenities. From afar the surrounding area seemed to be fairly developed, at least relative to airport norms. Hospitality was great, in response to a delay.

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