Station Kiev Pivdennyi

Pivdennyi Railway Station / station Kiev Pivdennyi station

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: м. Київ, 03031, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
GPS: 50.4383462 30.486834



Station  Kiev Pivdennyi Station  Kiev Pivdennyi Station  Kiev Pivdennyi Station  Kiev Pivdennyi


Аbout Station Kiev Pivdennyi .

anastasia chorna

Оценка: 4

You can find around a lot of places to eat and drink coffee while waiting your train. The terminal is new and looks comfortable. The square with a church in front of it is also lovely. You can find a supermarket in 7 minutes from the terminal.

Andriy Samoylovych

Оценка: 4

A much better South Terminal of Kyiv Central Railway station - more spacious, cleaner and better organized than the old terminal across the tracks. There is a good infrastructure around it: a convinient parking right next to the entrance, KFC and McDonalds as well as newly built Ibis hotel. Don't bother with taxis standing next to the station, typically they would be a rip off especially if you dont speak the language, go for Uber or Uklon (local competitor taxi app). If you have time - there are several old locomotives on display near track 14, could be interesting for kids and train enthusiasts

George Hill

Оценка: 3

Big functional rail station with trains travelling across Ukraine and some international departures. The express trains to several Ukraine cities are modern, comfortable and reliable. There are also sleeper trains which are older but well organised with compartments for 2 or 4 people, so be prepared to share if you use these trains. There is almost no help for English speakers at the station When I asked at the enquiry desk if anyone spoke English I was told by the staff, through an interpreter, that they didn't speak English and if I didn't speak Ukrainian I shouldn't come to Ukraine. So no help there! There is a good bus service to the airport from the front of the station

Emil Fischer

Оценка: 1

Be carefull. There are gangster taxi drivers standing before the exit from the railway station. Today one of them overpriced a price for a short journey 5 times. He has brown metalic Hyundai. Use the Underground.

Сергій Аграрій

Оценка: 4

Вокзал великий, платформ багато, інформативність організована, непогана. Каси ніколи всі не працюють, навіть якщо черги. І хотілося б чистоти побільше.